Mandate: The implementation of the pdfClare Economic Development Master Plan.

The Vision of the Clare Economic Development Master Plan is to support our municipality by fostering an economy built on rural strengths, Acadian culture and tradition with a focus on the conscious and efficient use of natural resources.

Strategic initiatives of the Clare Economic Development Master Plan include:

  • Strengthening the municipal tax base
  • Building the Clare brand
  • Fostering good paying jobs
  • Fostering more entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening economic development partnerships
  • Long term focus on regional infrastructure
  • Reversing population decline
  • Attracting investment into key sectors

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The Municipality of Clare – through the direction of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (SNSMR) - has identified a need to respond to climate change. Since 2005, The Municipality of Clare has been working on a “Municipal Energy Concept” aimed to develop and promote the innovative use of renewable green energy solutions.

In furtherance of accepting the challenge and commitment to reduce to the potential impacts of climate change, the Municipality of Clare has prepared this pdfClimate Change Action Plan to identify priority adaptation impacts and actions for the Municipality. Through adaptation planning, Clare is now able to prepare for an uncertain climatic future.

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Grants to Organizations

The following represents the Grants to Organizations as provided for in the 2020-2021 budget of the Municipality of the District of Clare and approved at the Council meeting on April 15, 2020.

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Clare Energy Concept

Working towards a vision of becoming a more sustainable community, the Municipality of the District of Clare created the "Clare Energy Concept" in 2005. Funding was secured to conduct an energy audit of the Municipality, identify possible renewable energy projects and outline an implementation plan.

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