The Municipality of the District of Clare is pleased to welcome you to our bilingual Internet website. As you surf our site, you will discover a wonderful Acadian community that is rich in culture and heritage.

Settled in 1768 and incorporated in 1879, the Municipality of Clare is the only municipality in the Province of Nova Scotia that conducts business and offers services in both official languages, French and English.

With an approximate population of 8 500, we are located at the south-western tip of Nova Scotia, an Atlantic province of Canada (North America).

A well-known Acadian region, Clare occupies the western half of Digby County. Most of the Municipality's settled areas are located along Saint Mary's Bay, a sub-basin of the Gulf of Maine.

The Municipality is mainly inhabited by Acadians and conducts its business in both French and English, although over 75% of the residents of Clare are able to communicate in both official languages the most commonly used language is French. The French-Acadian language and culture play an important role in the lives of the residents of the Municipality of Clare.

The Acadians of Clare are famous for their warm "joie de vivre", reflected in our vibrant music, festivals, culture and way of life.

As you surf our bilingual website, you will find a wealth of information on municipal services; community, sports and leisure activities and events; tourism topics; and contact information for Council and staff members. Our site conveys both directly and using links to relevant sources of information provided by other organizations, an overview of our region, our people, and the services that we provide as a municipal government.

More specifically, minutes of the monthly Council meetings are posted in both official languages and date back as far as 2005. Our calendar of events gives you an overview of some of our events and activities. And, for your reading pleasure, our municipal newsletters can be downloaded and viewed.

Our goal is to improve and expand our website, eventually offer much more up-to-date information and electronic versions of various documents. So keep watch for improvements in the near future.

While surfing our Web pages you will learn a little bit about us, the Municipality of Clare. We hope you will enjoy our presence via the Internet and perhaps come visit us when you are touring south-west Nova Scotia... to smell our ocean breeze, taste our unique Acadian cuisine (especially our traditional "Râpure" (Rappie Pie), hear our fiddles play a "Reel a huit" and experience Baie Sainte-Marie hospitality.

Happy navigating!